What am I thinking about when I am walking


In the first month of living in Australia, W and I have already got our WA driving licenses, and we thought we should buy a car quickly. However, until now, we haven’t done so.

We discussed buying a second-hand car, which would give us more flexibility, freedom and convenience to explore the city and enjoy life. But we hesitated and analysed the reasons as follows:

We all know it’s a way of thinking and living without a car. If we had a car, our weekend plans might change. But for now, we’d like to settle down first.

As for me, I’m fond of walking. If there’s enough time, the distance is not very far, and the weather is nice, I’ll walk to my destination.

In my article ‘Folded City’ I wrote:

Convenience as a quest for efficiency is represented by transport. The human foot is seen as backward, slow and incapable of keeping up with the march of time. Cities are designed less on the scale of the human body and more on the transport service.

The same is true of Perth, but the difference is that the roads and their sides are a bit more ornamental. I keep looking at the gardens of the houses I pass, subconsciously comparing which ones are well-kept and which ones aren’t.

I also think about what’s going on down there as I walk.

Let’s end with a quote from the book ‘Wanderlust: A History of Walking’.

Walking makes it possible to string everything together, because only by walking can you live in the whole world, not just in the little worlds that divide it.

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